Tom: loved your Volume 1 of the The Global Capitalist. You've been able to infuse a spirit behind the written words that exudes maturity spiked by a youthful flare. Hard to do, but very appealing if done right. And you did it right! One comment that you might want to consider: There's so much content on a geographic area the size if Asia---I almost liked reading about the less-covered regions like Indonesia, Vietnam, Singapore etc, rather that all of China and So.Korea. I am looking forward to reading your commentary on East Africa, of which I am totally devoid of knowledge financial or otherwise! Good Luck on your new venture. Best, Richard Funess. richard@finnpartners.com.

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Hey Richard, I appreciate the kind words! Funny you say that because I actually enjoy writing about the more "overlooked" countries as there is so much more information left to discover.

Thanks again for reading!

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